Sometimes when it comes to running a business, you can be faced with many hurdles along the way. For some people, it is a huge change to work for themselves and to start a business from nothing. Leaving a job that has security and regular income can be a daunting step to take. Hurdles with your own business can include many things such as the place you work causing issues, the time you have to dedicate to it, investment, getting customers, but as many business owners will agree, a lot of this is all part and parcel of running a business.

You may have great skills when it comes to getting customers in, and feel like you are doing everything right, but what many businesses lack is returning customers. New customers are great, but if you have a product or service that can be a repeat purchase, then your existing customer base should be your main earner, right? For some businesses, this is not the case, and that can be because your focus is on new business, and forgetting that loyalty can be a huge earner. If you find yourself with this problem then trying these things could help you increase the revenue from existing customers.

Offer “refer a friend” discounts

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One of the biggest ways that you can gain new and encourage repeat purchases from existing customers is to consider a “refer a friend” deal. The main method of doing this is to send an email or letter out to the customer after the purchase is complete. It could offer a discount for them and a friend if that said friend makes a purchase. You can do this through using a unique code that they use a check out to gain the discount. You could also offer referrals to existing customers, meaning they get loyalty points or money for referring people that go on to purchase your products or services. It keeps your business is their mindset and gives them an incentive to tell people about you but also continue to use your business. A change of gaining new customers while still encouraging existing ones, which could be a win-win situation for you as a business.

Have a loyalty scheme in place

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Maybe you could set up a loyalty scheme for your business. A card that gives discounts or a chance to earn points on purchases. It could open up your existing customer base to further offers and encourage them to continue buying in the future. It could be a membership card that you hand out with a unique code on it, or even consider using custom key tags that people can have on their keys. They are less likely to lose it and more likely to use it. This could be a great way to ensure that you encourage people to keep coming back to you.

Create offers exclusively for previous customers

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Sometimes you need to give a little love back to your customers, and you can do that just by offering them exclusive deals. It could be a discount on their next purchase. A sneak peek at a sale you are about to have, or just different incentives exclusive to them. Making a customer feel special is a great way to secure future business from them. You could do this via email easily enough and even do it as often as monthly or every quarter so that you can capitalize on the sale potential.

Competitions that involve only previous customers

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Running a competition is a great way to increase engagement with your business. Holding it online through social media is another great way to do it. But, you may want to have a competition exclusive to your previous customers. It could be that you offer up something for free, or give people the chance to win vouchers to spend on your website. Making it exclusive to previous customers gives them a better chance of winning, with more chance of entering and being reminded of your business.

A member only area online

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Finally, maybe you like the idea of creating a members only area. This could be a Facebook group or a specific page only accessed by them on your website. It could be filled with exclusive deals, information, etc. It helps a customer to feel special and again reminds them of your business more regularly. Which is what you will want to achieve.

Let’s hope these tips help you to increase your repeat customer sales.