There are lots of ways to honestly increase the number of individuals who follow your various twitter accounts. These are all honest ways that will not get you in trouble or get your account suspended.

Here is a list of six ways to legitimately increase your number of followers on Twitter:


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It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words, and this phrase is relevant when you are dealing with Twitter. Having many high-quality pictures will get you noticed and will cause a lot of people to give your account more traffic. However, these pictures need to be of the highest quality. A lot of mediocre images will cause people to leave your account in droves.


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Your biography should be catchy. It needs have something interesting to say without being too wordy. You also need to be sure that your account’s picture and its color scheme match in such a way that allows the words in your bio to pop, so the overall presentation is good.

Posting Frequency

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You should post a few times a day, but do not spam your followers feeds with dozens of new tweets every hour. Once again, remember that quality is far more important than quantity of importance. In addition, you also need to remember to be polite and realize that your followers will appreciate receiving high quality information that is relevant to their interests. That’s why you should find a happy balance and figure out how many times you should tweet per day. It could be as low as one or two times a day and could even be as high as five or six times per day.

Posting Quality

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You need to refrain from posting personal tweets on your business account. Only post great tweets that are carefully edited and are topically relevant to your business and your account’s followers. Great tweets have a lot of quality material packed into a small space.


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Engage with as many people as possible. This will get your account into more diverse locations on the internet. You and your staff should always assume the personas of experts in your fields so that everyone dealing with your company online knows that you staff is filled with knowledgeable individuals. By going this extra step, you can convince many of the harder to sell customers because you let them know that you are willing to take the time to deal with their issues.


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When anyone sends you a message or replies to a tweet, you should always make sure you send them a timely response that deals with the topics and issues that they would like to discuss. Don’t keep anyone waiting. In addition, messages grow old on twitter very quickly, so stay current and answer everyone’s questions right away.